Real Estate Headshots – The Perfect Way to Brand and Market Yourself

realtor headshotIt an established fact that 80% of home buyers commence their search online. So, real estate agent’s online presence is vital with realtor headshots playing the most important role. You need to appreciate that your headshot forms a key part of your personal branding. A good professional looking headshot speaks tons about you to your potential clients. Buyers are seeking to hire a real estate agents who inspires trust, honesty and integrity, and your headshots on social media, your website, and business card is the first impression you create in their mind. Just like a buyer will not buy a property he has not inspected and liked, he or she will not deal with you if you can’t convey confidence upon inspecting your online realtor headshots.

Studies points out that with the right photograph, a real estate agent can actually win business. Yes. Real estate headshots can be used as a marketing tool to brand himself, lure clients, and help an agent stand-out in the ever competitive real estate industry. On the other hand, unflattering real estate headshots can deny you business, and cause you to lose influence as real estate agent. If you want to win yourself a professional realtor headshot, follow the following simple ideas.

Pay a professional photographer: Numerous surveys shows that 100% of respondents prefer hiring a real estate agent with a professional looking photograph. It gives them the sense that you hold yourself in high regard, and do things the right way at 110%.

Show your teeth: Research tells that 97% of respondents tend to be gravitated towards an agent who showed their teeth in their realtor headshot. I don’t know the science behind this but naturally, I also find myself attracted to such photos. I will bet you are too.

Never use outdated backdrops: The survey showed that buyers were more likely to choose a real estate agent who had a backdrop, or outdoor photos that are not outdated.

Update your real estate agent headshot every two years: Most buyers feel uneasy hiring an agent with an outdated photograph. It also makes them feel as if the agent will be out of date on the recent development, rules and trends in the real estate market. Your headshot should always be up-to-date and make you easily recognizable to all the potential clients that you meet. If you are 70, do not use the headshot from when you were 28.

No props: The list on these includes pets, hats, cell phones, cars, sold signs, drinks etc. A food realtor headshot should focus solely on you. Further, avoid pointing at the camera, or giving cheesy poses.

Smile from within: Ideally, take your real estate headshots when you are naturally happy. Forced smile can easily be picked out in pictures. If you do not have a lot of options, practice your natural smile in front of a mirror. Try varying angles to figure out what works out best for your face and body shape.

Lastly consider your Clothing: Ideally, dress in a fashion that rhymes with the image of your firm. Dress as you would if you were making a presentation to one of your most strategic clients. Put on something that looks smart and upscale. Men photograph are best taken in dark colour suit with a straight ironed, well fitting, colour shirt and a dark tie. On the other end, women realtor headshots are best taken in a light colour blouse that falls well on the shoulders and flatters the neckline.