What is a Good Celebrity Headshot

celebrity_headshotIf you are an aspiring actor then sooner or later you would need a celebrity headshot. If you are not familiar with the term, it simply refers to a portrait that depicts a person from the shoulder up. The main purpose of a headshot is to show your appearance in a realistic way. The shot should be able to capture the best version of you. After all, celebrity headshots are often used to promote models and actors. If you want to have the best headshots, then you must find a good photographer. Someone who would be able to capture your real essence and not make you seem just like any other aspiring actor.

The headshot should look like you

celebrity_headshotOf course, you can’t have a good headshot if you don’t know what a good headshot is supposed to be. Generally, it is all a matter of taste. But there are time-tested standards that you would be wise to follow. The first and most important rule that you should follow is that your headshot should look like you. This seem like an obvious rule but it is not. You would be surprised to see the number of celebrities out there whose headshots are miles away from their real appearance. Yes, you should look good in a headshot but it should still look like you. If people see your headshot and then start doubting that it is yours, then it is an indication that it it not a good one and you should replace it right away.

Black and white or colour?

actor-headshotThere are actors who use black and white headshots. This might be a new trend but it is something that will be short-lived for sure. It is a good idea to stick to colour headshots. Again, you should refer to the first rule cited: your headshot should look like you. In real life, you have color right? So why get a headshot in black and white. A black and white shot may flatter your looks but flattery is not the main purpose of a headshot. So stick to a clean, colour headshot. Keep in mind that a headhsot should accurately depict your features. The main focus here is you and not the talent of the photographer to take portraits.

Choosing the right photographer

celebrity_headshotAs mentioned earlier, if you want to have a good headshot then you would need to find a good photographer. Depending on where you live, it may not be necessary for you to go very far. If you know some other actors in your area, then you can try checking out their celebrity headshots and if you like what you see then you can ask them who took the shots. But like everything else nowadays though, a good photographer is just a Google search away. The best photographers in your area probably have websites where you can easily check their portfolios. Don’t go for the first photographer that you see. Try to spend a bit more time in your research. After all, a good headshot is important. It could make a difference in your career.