Boudoir Photography Basic Tips

Girl in LingerieBoudoir photography is a form of photography in which female subjects pose in a sexual suggestive way. Unlike erotic photography which emphasizes on the sexually stimulating effect of the image, it focuses on the aesthetic qualities of the image. While boudoir photography is usually set in a bedroom environment, it can also be done in a beautiful living room or outdoor space. Planning to go for boudoir photo session? Here are tips on how to get started

Choosing a Photographer

Boudoir photography is a highly specialized form of art that requires various lighting and editing skills than what a standard portrait job demands from photographers. Therefore, any regular photographer will not do. Look for someone who has specialized in professional photography for boudoir sessions or artistic nude photography. On the same note, he should have a good reputation and a track record of delivering high quality services.


Artistic Nude PhotoExfoliating your skin before the shoot will give you a smooth and silky complexion. False eyelashes along with black eyeliner will make the eyes pop up and create a great bedroom effect.

Apply a cheek stain to give the cheeks a suggestive flush. Lining your lips with a pencil that matches the natural color of your lips and topping up with a shiny gloss will give your lips a super plush look.

Dull or chipped nails can ruin a perfect look and so manicure and pedicure should be part of the makeup.

Get a spray tan or use self-tanner several days before the shoot. It will give you a darker skin that can help you hide many common body problems, such as varicose veins and cellulite.


If you have a relatively longer hair, try to wear it down. Shiny, cascading hair will make you look sexy and allow you pose in many ways. For example, you can twirl it innocently or spread it over a pillow.

Short hair looks more spunky and sophisticated. To bring out multiple sexy sides, try out various styles during the shoot.


Boudoir Photo WhiteYour wear is not only important during the session but before the shoot too. Put on loose clothing without tight seams, elastic bands or any other item that may leave marks on the body.

When it comes to the actual boudoir session, it is advisable to choose lingerie and other form-fitting clothing items rather than loose or draped ones. Go for matching bra sets, boy shorts, snug tank tops, thigh-high stockings and flirty nighties.

The shoes are also important. Bring a pair of black high heels.


Professional photographers often have special settings in their studios for this type of photography. However, they can as well shoot on location if you want to. This can be your home, your friendā€™s home or even a rented room in a luxury hotel. Wherever you choose, ensure the room is simple and uncluttered with a neutral bedding or upholstery.

With these tips, you will get the most out of this type of photography whether you want to impress your spouse or lover with a special gift or you are just in it for fun.