What are the Basics of Professional Actor Headshots?

As an actor, your calling card is your head shot. A head shot is an 8 x 10 photograph of yourself that casting directors, agents and other entertainment industry professionals will use when considering you for an acting role. If you are really serious about becoming a professional actor, it is important to have powerful acting headshots.

Purpose of actor headshots:

acting-headshots-torontoWell this is a very important aspect of an actor’s career. This is because, when the casting directors are working on their casting commercials, films or TV adverts, they go through several hundreds of actor’s headshots to determine which actors they will bring in to the auditions.

This means the casting directors generally look at headshots for only for a few seconds because they are actually flipping through very many acting headshots until they come to a headshot that perfectly matches a character. For this reason, it’s important that you get a professional, eye-grabbing actor headshot. Your talents have very little chances to get noticed, if you don’t have a good headshot.

When choosing your photographer, keep in mind that headshot photography’ is very different from family portrait photography. Therefore, you need to choose a photographer that actually specializes in headshots photography. If you are going through a photographer’s website and his photos look extremely glamorous, or even overly touched up, then, this isn’t a photographer you want to work with. You want all photos that appear natural. Eyes are also important, make sure they stand out.

There are several tips & guidelines to a very successful headshot session. Here are some vital aspects of that killer eye-grabbing actor headshot.

1. The actor headshots must look like the real YOU!

Most people make the mistake of too much glamorizing to take shots. Keep in mind; this is not a beauty contest. Sure, you need to have to look great, but most importantly the photo has to look natural, because there are many role to cast of TV, film and commercials, not just ridiculously-good-looking people.

2. Look professional

acting-headshotsActing headshots must look professional; they must be of high quality. You don’t have to spend thousand dollars, but you can take a picture with a great camera that can deliver a very high quality picture. Remember casting directors go through several hundreds of headshots every week. This means they can immediately tell which photos are taken professionally, and which aren’t, and differentiate between professional actors and amateurs. If the casting director labels you an amateur, getting auditions for good projects might never happen.

 3. Choose the right clothes

acting-headshotsLogo’s, jewellery and very heavy make-up is not acceptable. Avoid prints, pastels white, black and beige. Such colors tend to wash away most complexions. Instead, go for solid vibrant colors. Such colors look great and your acting headshots will stand out. If you’re looking for a child’s headshot, then it has to be age’ appropriate. If the child is 12, he/she needs to look and even dress like one 12 year old, not 16.

Basically, have fun with your shoot. If you are extremely serious, you will get nervous and your pictures will end up looking very stiff and lifeless. But, if you are relaxed, you will get great photos with lots of life and personality.