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Kat Bryant Photography - Professional Headshot Photography

What are the Basics of Professional Actor Headshots?

As an actor, your calling card is your head shot. A head shot is an 8 x 10 photograph of yourself that casting directors, agents and other entertainment industry professionals will use when considering you for an acting role. If you are really serious about becoming a professional actor, it is important to have powerful acting headshots.

Purpose of actor headshots:

acting-headshots-torontoWell this is a very important aspect of an actor’s career. This is because, when the casting directors are working on their casting commercials, films or TV adverts, they go through several hundreds of actor’s headshots to determine which actors they will bring in to the auditions.

This means the casting directors generally look at headshots for only for a few seconds because they are actually flipping through very many acting headshots until they come to a headshot that perfectly matches a character. For this reason, it’s important that you get a professional, eye-grabbing actor headshot. Your talents have very little chances to get noticed, if you don’t have a good headshot.

When choosing your photographer, keep in mind that headshot photography’ is very different from family portrait photography. Therefore, you need to choose a photographer that actually specializes in headshots photography. If you are going through a photographer’s website and his photos look extremely glamorous, or even overly touched up, then, this isn’t a photographer you want to work with. You want all photos that appear natural. Eyes are also important, make sure they stand out.

There are several tips & guidelines to a very successful headshot session. Here are some vital aspects of that killer eye-grabbing actor headshot.

1. The actor headshots must look like the real YOU!

Most people make the mistake of too much glamorizing to take shots. Keep in mind; this is not a beauty contest. Sure, you need to have to look great, but most importantly the photo has to look natural, because there are many role to cast of TV, film and commercials, not just ridiculously-good-looking people.

2. Look professional

acting-headshotsActing headshots must look professional; they must be of high quality. You don’t have to spend thousand dollars, but you can take a picture with a great camera that can deliver a very high quality picture. Remember casting directors go through several hundreds of headshots every week. This means they can immediately tell which photos are taken professionally, and which aren’t, and differentiate between professional actors and amateurs. If the casting director labels you an amateur, getting auditions for good projects might never happen.

 3. Choose the right clothes

acting-headshotsLogo’s, jewellery and very heavy make-up is not acceptable. Avoid prints, pastels white, black and beige. Such colors tend to wash away most complexions. Instead, go for solid vibrant colors. Such colors look great and your acting headshots will stand out. If you’re looking for a child’s headshot, then it has to be age’ appropriate. If the child is 12, he/she needs to look and even dress like one 12 year old, not 16.

Basically, have fun with your shoot. If you are extremely serious, you will get nervous and your pictures will end up looking very stiff and lifeless. But, if you are relaxed, you will get great photos with lots of life and personality.


Why Creativity is Important When Taking Headshots

glamour-headshotOne of the most common tasks of photographers is taking headshots. It’s one of the best practice exercises for novice photographers because it requires great skill and rapport with the subject. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar, a head shot is one of the first things that models, celebrities or actors need to have when applying for a job or project. Consider it a requirement in your portfolio even, because of its popularity.

A headshot is simply put, a photograph of mainly the face of the subject and maybe a portion of the shoulders. It is a lot harder than most people think it is for the simple reason that it is a photograph that is taken very up close and well, personally. The micro expressions in the subject’s face are seen and the mood and lighting have a very big impact on how the photograph turns out. So for beginners and those who want to improve their craft and come up with the best headshots, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Make the Eyes your Focal Point

Clean headshots can make or break a career when you’re a model or someone who’s hoping to get discovered. As the old adage goes, the eyes are the mirror to the soul – and how your eyes look in your headshot is of utmost importance. Naturally, red eyes are a big no-no and so are eyes with reflected images on them. For photographers, the eyes should look clean, bright and lively.

2. Angles Matter

Models and subjects have what they call their best angles. If you want the best headshots, you’d have to be willing to experiment a little and take sample shots. Don’t be afraid to let the model or subject play around during the shoot, this is often where you’ll get the best close up shots. In the case of women subjects, it might take them a while to warm up to a new photographer during the shoot, so letting them play with different angles helps break the ice.

3. Diffused Light and Hair Lighting Works

Using diffused light also helps create clean headshots because it allows the skin to be another central piece. The model’s skin should look fresh and vibrant and should not bear the signs of sun damage or a long night out. Besides make up, the right lighting improves the appearance of the skin and defines the lines and contours of the face. Using hair lighting at the same time, adds depth to the shot and removes the top of the head from the background of the photograph.

4. Establish Rapport with Your Model

Your subject is a real life breathing person with moods and emotions. If you strike the right rapport you’ll have a subject who won’t be afraid to express him or her in front of the camera. Make small talk, crack a joke and set him or her at ease. You’ll find that it will be much easier to ask your subject to do different poses and facial expressions if you have gained their trust and they are confident in what you can do as a photographer.

What is a Good Celebrity Headshot

celebrity_headshotIf you are an aspiring actor then sooner or later you would need a celebrity headshot. If you are not familiar with the term, it simply refers to a portrait that depicts a person from the shoulder up. The main purpose of a headshot is to show your appearance in a realistic way. The shot should be able to capture the best version of you. After all, celebrity headshots are often used to promote models and actors. If you want to have the best headshots, then you must find a good photographer. Someone who would be able to capture your real essence and not make you seem just like any other aspiring actor.

The headshot should look like you

celebrity_headshotOf course, you can’t have a good headshot if you don’t know what a good headshot is supposed to be. Generally, it is all a matter of taste. But there are time-tested standards that you would be wise to follow. The first and most important rule that you should follow is that your headshot should look like you. This seem like an obvious rule but it is not. You would be surprised to see the number of celebrities out there whose headshots are miles away from their real appearance. Yes, you should look good in a headshot but it should still look like you. If people see your headshot and then start doubting that it is yours, then it is an indication that it it not a good one and you should replace it right away.

Black and white or colour?

actor-headshotThere are actors who use black and white headshots. This might be a new trend but it is something that will be short-lived for sure. It is a good idea to stick to colour headshots. Again, you should refer to the first rule cited: your headshot should look like you. In real life, you have color right? So why get a headshot in black and white. A black and white shot may flatter your looks but flattery is not the main purpose of a headshot. So stick to a clean, colour headshot. Keep in mind that a headhsot should accurately depict your features. The main focus here is you and not the talent of the photographer to take portraits.

Choosing the right photographer

celebrity_headshotAs mentioned earlier, if you want to have a good headshot then you would need to find a good photographer. Depending on where you live, it may not be necessary for you to go very far. If you know some other actors in your area, then you can try checking out their celebrity headshots and if you like what you see then you can ask them who took the shots. But like everything else nowadays though, a good photographer is just a Google search away. The best photographers in your area probably have websites where you can easily check their portfolios. Don’t go for the first photographer that you see. Try to spend a bit more time in your research. After all, a good headshot is important. It could make a difference in your career.

How Corporate Headshots Can Help You Get Ahead In The Business World

dallas-hedshot-2110It is undeniable that we live in an age where image is more important than ever. The world of social media, particularly online business networking sites, means that people are more able to judge someone’s image than at any other time throughout history. It is standard practice for a HR department to search online for a prospective employee. Many people do not take care to manage their online image and project inappropriate or unappealing versions of themselves. One of the best ways to get around this problem is to invest in professional corporate headshots.

Professional photographers are able to present a person in their best light possible. This makes a huge advantage when applying to positions within the corporate world. The photographic image captured by a professional is taken with a degree of care, precision and knowledge that amateur photographers simply are not capable of. Many people feel that they are totally capable of managing their own image due to the proliferation of smart phones with high definition cameras. This is far from the case. Any hirer can tell instantly whether a person has invested time in a professional photograph or simply taken the easy option of attempting it on their own.

Corporate headshot photograph Some people are hesitant to invest in a professional photographer to take their corporate headshot. They feel that it is a waste of time and money. This is far from the case. A good way to think of a professionally captured corporate photograph is the equivalent of wearing a nice suit to a job interview. It is natural to make judgements based on first impressions and a business headshot from a professional service is a great way to ensure this impression is favourable. After all, there is never a second chance to make a first impression.

Hiring a professional photographer to take business headshots is also a great decision on an organizational level. Any company operating in the modern world is well aware of the need to present the most professional and polished image possible. Both customers and other business clients are likely to check out the website of an organization they are unfamiliar with. Having a set of corporate photographs projects a great image and shows that the company is serious about its reputation.

corporate-headshotHigh quality business photography also has an important role to play in a company’s internal intranet. This is particularly relevant to larger organizations. Institutions such as universities, hospitals and other large companies often rely on internal information networks to facilitate communication between staff members. Orientation programs often feature a mandatory familiarization process and having high quality photographic images of managers and other senior staff will make it easier for inductees to become acclimatised to a new organizational culture.

When taking a corporate headshot it is important to keep in mind whether it is appropriate for a particular industry or company. Considerations in this area may include ensuring the dress code is culturally appropriate and whether the background colors are indicative of a firm’s branding. Any professional photographer will be able to advice on such matters.

How to find the right headshots photographer

corporate-headshots-OC22Regardless of whether you are an actor or actress or a regular guy looking for a full time job in a reputed company, the first impression is always extremely important. And in this day and age, often the first impression is developed simply through a glance at your photo attached to your application or CV. Even if it is simply about some shots for your social networking profile that you are planning to use for expanding your social or business network more effectively, they still have to show the best of you. This is why it is extremely important to find a professional headshot photographer in Toronto who will be able to take the snaps that will get your best look out in the middle.

Now when it comes to finding the right headshot photographer, there are few things that you should take under consideration. The person whom you are going to choose for your headshot photography should be holding the perfect balance of people and technical skills. Often we focus too much on the accessories that a headshots photographer has and his photography skills so that he can take some top notch photos. But beside the technical aspects, a headshots photographer also needs to have the people skills to make you feel comfortable. Always remember, headshots photography can bring the best out of you only when you are feeling comfortable and relaxed.

lwsm_professional_headshots_006_8442Before hiring a headshots photographer, take a look at the samples. These days, most photographers run their professional websites where they provide all the necessary information along with their sample works. This will not only help you to get some idea about their style, but at the same time will show you the level of their professionalism. Having a resourceful website only shows how much serious this individual is about his profession. Compare the headshots of multiple photographers and their price. All you need to do is, sit in front of your pc and go through the websites of different professional headshots photographers to find the right person who you think will be able to do the job perfectly. All these professional websites also includes contact numbers or e-mail address of the photographer. Make the best use of it to get some idea about the photographer you are planning to hire.

Agent-headshot-new-york-2Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that as far as headshots photography is concerned, you should be ready to make some investments for it. Don’t just look for the headshots photographer who is offering the cheapest deal. Instead, look for the one who is highly professional and has samples that you find quite impressive. Remember, headshots photography is an art and you can’t expect simply anyone to give you what you are looking for.

And lastly, always take some time to prepare yourself before taking the shots. Headshots are quite delicate and you are paying top dollars to get that done. So take your time with makeup and everything else. Also ask the photographer to take his time to get well prepared to get the best shots that will make you glow.

Houmaan Photography is offering professional headshot photography in Greater Toronto Area, you can check their website here.

What To Know About Headshot Photography and Why Choosing The Best Service Is Important

actor-headshotIn photography, taking perfect headshots is always a hard thing to do, although the process seems like a walk in the park. Anybody who has ever gotten their photo taken for their driver’s license knows headshots can be among the most unflattering of all photos. Owing to this it is very critical for a photographer to be extremely perceptive and know what makes a great headshot and implement that in their work.

It is imperative to take great headshot photos as they can get you the opportunities that will open the doors to auditions and work. They are the primary tools for models and actors to promote themselves. Without a great set of headshots you will not be able to go very far in your modeling career.

A good headshot photographer is capable of capturing perfect model headshots, eye-catching headshots and even acting headshots that will convey to the public who you are and what you do. Your headshots will communicate your modeling talent; they will prop and get you more audition opportunities. Unfortunately finding the right professional nowadays is very tricky, this is due to the fact that photographers are so common. However with the right knowledge you can easily find a good headshot photographer who will help you take nice model headshots, eye-catching headshots and any other kind of photograph. The following tips will help you find a great professional;

Ask Around

kristen_046-2_400x600The best way to do that is asking your fellow models who get many auditions and whose headshots you like and admire. Since you know them, you will be able to tell whether or not the photos are real, this is very critical. Casting directors do not like it when a model does not look like their picture as it is a waste of their time and effort. If you have a manager or an agent be sure to ask them which headshot photographers they would prefer working with. Always discuss your model headshots with your manager in advance. This will help you cut down your spending on headshots just in case your manager turns out not to like your prior photos. You will also be able to save a lot of time.


B0C0827_Headshots_LosAngeles_MxB_WEB-682x1024Find a good professional whose portfolio demonstrates that they can capture quality, professional looking and eye-catching headshots in style that you really like. The thing is you should first of all like the work of the photographer you pick to work with, you may not be able to completely tell what makes a perfect headshot but it is critical that whichever professional you pick constantly demonstrates in their portfolio that they can capture the types of photos that you want.


Be sure to only choose someone who is specialized in headshots, remember headshots are different from other kinds of photography, they should also have a certain unique purpose in mind. Take note that somebody can be a great photographer but may not be able to do a perfect job when it comes to headshot photography.


A good headshot photographer will charge fairly for their services (they will not ask for too much or too little). You may come across flyers for headshots all over your neighborhood that seem to cost very cheap but these are not the kinds of headshots you want. Again there are photographers who trick clients by quoting high prices knowing that people always believe that expensive services are better yet in real sense they are offering nothing close to that. Therefore only go for that person who charges reasonably for their services.

Professional Headshots – Getting the best out of the sessions

Professional headshots have increasingly become popular today that any other time in history. This kind of photography means more to professionals than just a mere session and can make a different when it comes to making it on the shortlist of recruitments or being considered for audition if you are an actor. However, it is not always that people get the best results from their photography sessions and this could easily change by following these simple tips:

Valuable tips for outstanding professional headshots

headshotPrepare adequately: – Before going for your photography session, it is important to prepare yourself adequately. This should leave you feeling and looking refreshed and relaxed throughout the session.

Consider the message you intend to portray in your images: – Professional headshots sessions should help you portray a certain message based on what you consider to be suitable to improve your personal brand. You could consider showing forth a professional face, approachable, experienced or confident. The message you portray makes you sellable and therefore you should take time to discuss this with your photographer. It is important to have various poses which will help you get different shots for use in different situations.

headshotChoose your wardrobe carefully: – Based on the image you intend to portray, it will be necessary to choose your wardrobe carefully. Different attires are ideal for sending different messages and if at all you would want to send a casual business or a formal business image, make sure your wardrobe is capable of cutting that image appropriately. You can have different styles ready for a variation of your imagery.

Work with a professional photographer: – Getting everything right and not having a professional photographer won’t produce the desired results. When planning to have professional headshots, getting the right photographer is always important and should not be relegated to periphery. In fact, a good photographer does more in ensuring that the sessions are successful not only in taking the actual shots but also in helping you relax and pose as you should. Great photography sessions take photographer’s professionalism which should be blend together with your preparedness for the desired results.

Get the right make up and hairdo: – Having the right hairdo and makeup will be very important when taking professional headshots. You should however avoid overdoing the makeup and instead keep it simple but impressive. Remember you have an image to portray which should be professional and therefore you might need to consider working with your photographer along with a professional makeup artist for the best advice and results. Just ensure that you are properly groomed and smart. For ladies, avoid too much jewelry and accessories as these could easily distract.

headshotUse the right photo technique: – There are different techniques to use for professional headshots. Some images could be taken while you are looking away from the camera while others could be taken while you are looking at the lens to enable you connect with the audience. You could opt for the two variations to come up with the best shots possible.

Before the session begins, make sure to check yourself in the mirror to ensure that everything is alright. Be confident and take your professional headshots sessions knowing that the results will help create the first impression to those who come across the images. Use these tips and enjoy your sessions with the photographer!

Real Estate Headshots – The Perfect Way to Brand and Market Yourself

realtor headshotIt an established fact that 80% of home buyers commence their search online. So, real estate agent’s online presence is vital with realtor headshots playing the most important role. You need to appreciate that your headshot forms a key part of your personal branding. A good professional looking headshot speaks tons about you to your potential clients. Buyers are seeking to hire a real estate agents who inspires trust, honesty and integrity, and your headshots on social media, your website, and business card is the first impression you create in their mind. Just like a buyer will not buy a property he has not inspected and liked, he or she will not deal with you if you can’t convey confidence upon inspecting your online realtor headshots.

Studies points out that with the right photograph, a real estate agent can actually win business. Yes. Real estate headshots can be used as a marketing tool to brand himself, lure clients, and help an agent stand-out in the ever competitive real estate industry. On the other hand, unflattering real estate headshots can deny you business, and cause you to lose influence as real estate agent. If you want to win yourself a professional realtor headshot, follow the following simple ideas.

Pay a professional photographer: Numerous surveys shows that 100% of respondents prefer hiring a real estate agent with a professional looking photograph. It gives them the sense that you hold yourself in high regard, and do things the right way at 110%.

Show your teeth: Research tells that 97% of respondents tend to be gravitated towards an agent who showed their teeth in their realtor headshot. I don’t know the science behind this but naturally, I also find myself attracted to such photos. I will bet you are too.

Never use outdated backdrops: The survey showed that buyers were more likely to choose a real estate agent who had a backdrop, or outdoor photos that are not outdated.

Update your real estate agent headshot every two years: Most buyers feel uneasy hiring an agent with an outdated photograph. It also makes them feel as if the agent will be out of date on the recent development, rules and trends in the real estate market. Your headshot should always be up-to-date and make you easily recognizable to all the potential clients that you meet. If you are 70, do not use the headshot from when you were 28.

No props: The list on these includes pets, hats, cell phones, cars, sold signs, drinks etc. A food realtor headshot should focus solely on you. Further, avoid pointing at the camera, or giving cheesy poses.

Smile from within: Ideally, take your real estate headshots when you are naturally happy. Forced smile can easily be picked out in pictures. If you do not have a lot of options, practice your natural smile in front of a mirror. Try varying angles to figure out what works out best for your face and body shape.

Lastly consider your Clothing: Ideally, dress in a fashion that rhymes with the image of your firm. Dress as you would if you were making a presentation to one of your most strategic clients. Put on something that looks smart and upscale. Men photograph are best taken in dark colour suit with a straight ironed, well fitting, colour shirt and a dark tie. On the other end, women realtor headshots are best taken in a light colour blouse that falls well on the shoulders and flatters the neckline.